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South Korea produces a variety of products in different categories. Specialists LLC KOREXPERT have information on the many exciting products, that our customers can buy wholesale from the manufacturer in South Korea. The main resource,where we search for manufacturers from Korea, are specialized exhibitions, where the factories of medium and small sizes present their products.

KOREXPERT managers, have technical education and knowledge of the Korean language and Korean culture, and find a common language with the most potentially successful Korean companies easily, who soon become our partners. By maintaining contact and good business relations with the Korean suppliers, we , as a reliable "middle man" in Korea, can guarantee the best prices on wholesale purchases from Korea to our customers. We will help you find and deliver the goods in bulk from Korea to the CIS countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan).

  • Filler with Hyaluronic Acid (Korea)

    Fillers with hyaluronic

    The company offers delivery Korekspert Korean filler with hyaluronic acid Regenovue wholesale directly from the manufacturer. Fillers from South Korea are very popular ...

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  • Humidifier Care   (Korea) wholesale

    Humidifier Ca

    Humidifier Care , an innovative new product from South Korea in the field of home comfort. Care is a cover, which is put on ...

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  • Household chemicals from Korea wholesale Sugar Bubble

    Бытовая химия из Коре

    The company offers delivery Korekspert Korean household chemicals Sugar Bubble wholesale directly from the manufacturer. Household chemicals from Korea is becoming more popular ...

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  • Korean cosmetics wholesale The Face Shop, Etude House, its skin, O hui and other

    Korean cosmetics wholesale

    The company offers delivery Korekspert Korean cosmetics wholesale directly from the manufacturers. We offer different brands from Korea from companies LG CARE ...

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  • Thermal underwear for men wholesale from Korea

    Thermal underwear for men

    High-quality thermal underwear saves from cold. Thin and light it holds heat better down-padded coat. Thermal underwear for men from Korea has the function of cooling the groin ...

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  • Aroma shower HYUNDAI

    Aroma shower HYUNDAI

    Aroma Shower with vitamin C from Hyundai's wholesale deliveries from South Korea directly from the manufacturer. This attachment fits any ...

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  • RF beauty device 4 in 1

    Косметологический пр

    RF beauty device 4 in 1 uses multipolar radiofrequency, near infrared radiation, iontophoresis, LED (light-emitting diodes) of high brightness. It's the latest device, for ...

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  • Smart Lock

    Smart Lock Locksis

    Smart Lever Locksis is a totally new product in Korean market, and in the world. Great design,...

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  • Карбокси (Carboxy) CO2 Mask

    Carboxy (Carboxy) CO2 Mask

    Oxygen Carboxy CO2 Gel Mask (Carboxy CO2) is a new word in cosmetology. Originally created to heal the deep wounds and burns masks are great ...

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  • Bench X2 faster charger – wholesale from the manufacturer

    Bench X2 faster charger – kickstarter

    USB cable for fast charging of mobile phones and tablets Bench X2 faster charger is the second generation of advanced charging cords ....

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  • Counter for the number of electromagnetic radiation

    Счетчик электромагни

    Counter of electromagnetic radiation for smartphones Smart EM – is a new device from our partner in Korea. It is used for...

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  • Ultraviolet sterilizer for bathroom

    Ультрафиолетовый сте

    Fixed UV sterilizer for toothbrushes and shaving machines from the best producer from South Korea . AC. Wholesale prices...

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  • Protective films for phones wholesale from Korea

    Защитные плёнки для т

    Protective films and glass from Korea. High-quality and reasonable wholesale price (для Apple 6,...

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  • Geiger counter

    Geiger counter

    Geiger counter for smartphones Smart Geiger- brand new unique device. This instrument is designed to measure the radiation without the use of expensive equipment ....

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  • Wireless charger for mobile phones in cars

    Беспроводное зарядно

    New modern wireless charger for your phone in the car directly from the manufacturer in South Korea. The optimal solution for ...

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  • Sterilizer Portable Toothbrush

    Brush sterilizer

    Portable UV Sterilizer toothbrushes wholesale from the best manufacturers in South Korea. Company Essencia – innovative company, which first brought ...

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  • Electronic locks Milre

    Electronic locks Milre

    Modern electronic locks from Korea have high reliability, easy to use and guarantee high protection against hacking. These locks are suitable ...

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  • Electronic bidet cover wholesale from Korea

    Electronic bidet

    Korexpert company cooperates with all bidet manufacturers in South Korea and will help you to purchase them at the lowest wholesale prices ...

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  • Dran Cosmetics Co., Ltd..

    Cosmetics Company Dran Co.,

    Korean cosmetics Dran Co., Ltd. The CIS customers don't know much about the Dran cosmetics, but at the same time, it is this cosmetics recommended by many beauticians ...

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  • Designer furniture KAM KAM

    Designer Furniture For

    Korean furniture – is not only a traditional wooden desks and massive beds. Modern Korean design studios are increasingly appearing on the show ...

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