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Organization of the product search in Korea, its wholesale purchase, checking before sending to the destination and delivery of goods from South Korea to the foreign countries for different business sectors. We work with well-known Korean brands ( HYUNDAI, LG care, KUMHO tires) and little-known inventors of new companies , unusual gadgets. We reveal new opportunities for development and efficiency of your company and international trade. The main principle of the company KOREXPERT LLC - personal professional manager for each client and development of an individual working plan.


Our company offers assistance in finding and delivery of Korean goods for large and medium-sized wholesalers , as well as for retail buyers of expensive exclusive products.


Experts of the company form a complete set of documents required for the delivery of the goods in bulk from the Korean manufacturer to the customer's warehouse.


KOREXPERT has a reputation of a successful provider of integrated solutions for various industries. Our managers have a unique insight and access to the best customer experience and expertise..


Our managers and operators are always in touch, they speak Russian, English and Korean languages, their task is clearly to fulfill any client's order by Skype, email or phone.
Our service allows you to be at a distance, not to visit Korea, do not spend your time and money. Our office abroad – it actually is your office.
Our clients value their time and money and trust professionals, ie. KOREXPERT! It allows them to engage in the development of their business and be the leaders in its business field.

About us:

KOREXPERT works with large wholesalers from CIS countries, and also has customers in France and Lebanon. We supply Korean wholesale goods from 2014 and have gained a reputation of a reliable intermediary partner among our customers. The main source of our new wholesale customers is recommendations of those companies with whom we have to cooperate or continue to cooperate. We are recommend by our clients because KOREXPERT is:

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My goal – to achieve positive results for the business of our clients ....
Alina Mihaylovskaya ( M.A.)Head of Marketing Department

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